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DanZan Ryu JuJitsu teaches a system of combat and philosophy developed in Japan and Hawai'i. To excel in martial arts here means to move toward a greater awareness and perfection of character.

·  The Hawaii Zenyo BuJutsu Kai gives people the opportunity to study high ideals and moral concepts as well as training to develop physical, mental and spiritual harmony. JuJitsu is a very deadly art which lends itself to, slow purposeful study and practice. DanZan Ryu JuJitsu is an esoteric system based on the utilization of momentum and leverage over the use of brute force. In developing physical abilities to defend yourself, you will also develop mental abilities to expand your inner strength (ki, and kiai), and grow as an individual. In this system the mental aspects far outweigh the physical; thus a true masters strength comes not from his body but from his mind. In our art we actively practice constant Ki and the Kiai arts in every class, every day. They will become part of all of our throws, grappling, strikes, massage and healing arts. With increased confidence and capabilities also comes increased responsibilities. The successful JuJitsuka does not seek out conflicts, rather they avoid them, using the physical skills of defense only as a last resort.

·  The beginning levels of instruction involve the principles of leverage, movement, coordination, balance and personal safety. These principles form the physical foundation of JuJistu and within these principles can be found the basis of self-defense. To acquire mastery of the physical elements of JuJitsu requires practice and patience. Do not expect overnight proficiency. Progress may be slower than you expect due to the precise, controlled movements that are required to master the system. Also do not look toward promotion or the learning of new and more advanced techniques; concentrate on the lessons and techniques being presented.

·  As you progress through the system you will find that each new set of techniques is based on the preceding ones, therefore to gain command of the basic skills will, in the long run, means to master the advanced techniques. Within the framework of JuJitsu you will be taught self-protection techniques to be used against every conceivable type of attack. Defences involving multiple attackers, knives, guns, and other weapons. In addition you will learn certain styles of Karate, Aikido, Judo, NinJitsu and other martial art techniques - all which were derived from Traditional JuJitsu. As you advance you will also be instructed in the arts of the sword, the boken, the staff, the short staff and other traditional and modern weapons. Massage and traditional healing arts are also a very important part of the instruction at the Zenyo Kai. To have the ability to maim constitutes the requirement to heal.

·  DanZan Ryu JuJitsu utilizes a systematic approach to the Martial Arts, however, this does not mean that the techniques are without diversification. You will find that JuJitsu adapts to the individual. There is a need for structure and foundation, yet only through your personal perception can you comprehend the secrets of JuJitsu. In the course of study you will find that the technique of each instructor will vary, as will his approach toward teaching. This does not mean that one instructor is better than another, only that each is an individual. With this broad spectrum of instructors, you , the student, will gain an invaluable insight into JuJitsu.

·  As you progress you will be faced with many challenges. Some will come from Sensei and some from your instructors, however, many will come from within yourself. You will experience peaks and valleys in your growth and there will be many times you will feel like quitting - have faith. Studying JuJitsu is hard work, it requires diligent effort, patience and a strong will to master this complex art, and, most difficult of all, to master yourself. With dedication and sincerity you will prevail.

Steven J. McLaughlin, Prof.
Sensei – Hawaii Zenyo JuJutsu Kai

"The Martial Arts cannot be practised as a form of entertainment or distraction. They are a serious undertaking which does not necessarily mean a sad one - far from it. You cannot approach them tentatively with your finger-tips, with a mere touch of the lips, or with superficial layers of thought or heart.
It would be better never to become involved, but if you do, it is essential to carry on to the end, until one's being is regenerated to the point of being made a whole person again - a real person. As soon as your naked feet have entered a Dojo, you have entered forever. If you give up, if you waver, you risk finding yourself weaker than before. An important risk and a handicap which is difficult to compensate for".

Jean-Lucien Jazarin
President of the National College of Black Belts
(an excerpt from the book)

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